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2000年10月02日 Cnet news 20201002◇ Distribution is hot right now! / AI-OCR "Review of the Mechanism" + Development Story

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Prime Minister Kan has announced a policy of integrating the specifications of systems that differ from municipality to municipality by the end of fiscal year 2022.
In the world of IT, which is said to be a year and a half old, five years seems like a long time, but the difficulties and effects of integrating all the systems of all the local governments are beyond imagination.

In this issue, we will present information on the changes in the environment surrounding the logistics industry and the fifth topic of mini information on AI-OCR.

(1)Distribution is hot right now, A new normal under With Covid19, a new option for distributionEnvironmental
Changes in the Logistics Industry as Seen in Domestic and Foreign Trends

(2) Immediate effect in practice without RPA! AI-OCR: A Review of the Mechanism + Development Secrets
AI-OCR introduction mini-knowledge Vol.5

(3) AI-OCR "Tips for Free Trial Use" for operational planning of business efficiency
AI-OCR introduction mini-knowledge Vol.4

C_Net live webcast of the seminar, "Three Problems and Improvements in Warehouse Management – C_Net Teachings on How to Effectively Utilize a Cloud-based WMS", was held at MOVO EXPO on Thursday, September 24, and can be viewed on the following YouTube site, thanks to the kindness of the organizer.
 ⇒  https://youtu.be/G8OO41ijMHI

Please watch this 30 minutes of enthusiasm to the end.

Please be sure to check it out to the end.

Distribution is hot right now, A new normal under With Covid19, a new option for distributionEnvironmental

~Changes in the Logistics Industry as Seen in Domestic and Foreign Trends~
The online supermarket business, which sells fresh food products online, has been growing rapidly in response to increased demand for home-delivered meals during the period of voluntary restraint caused by the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

In the wake of the simultaneous and prolonged corona outbreaks around the world, there has been a noticeable change in shopping behavior as the new normal, both overseas and domestic.

Distribution Inspection.com AEON COMPASS 2020.9.14
Logistics Revolution! ~Micro Fulfillment Center.
⇒  Logistics Revolution! ~Micro Fulfillment Center.

Distribution News September 10, 2020 / Management
AEON RETAIL Co., Ltd. begins full-scale drive-through pick-up service at its Internet supermarkets
⇒  AEON RETAIL Co., Ltd. begins full-scale drive-through pick-up service at its Internet supermarkets

In Japan, where the elderly account for 28.1%* of the population, a sensitive approach different from that in other countries will be necessary.
*Source: Statistical Topics No. 113, Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications 5. The elderly in Japan in terms of statistics Table 7: Percentage of the elderly population (2018)

At C_Net trained in food distribution, we have been steadily carrying out research and development in order to propose more effective solutions for this new need.

We are looking forward to hearing from you if you are considering the introduction of a system to improve the efficiency of your field operations in wholesale, retail, service, transportation and warehousing, and all other distribution sites involved in food distribution.
For inquiries about warehouse management systems in food distribution

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AI-OCR introduction mini-knowledge Vol.5

~Immediate effect in practice without RPA! AI-OCR: A Review of the Mechanism + Development Secrets~
In the fifth installment of "Mini Knowledge on AI-OCR," we'd like to introduce the mechanics of AI-OCR and the strengths of @YOMU in more detail.

Please also check out our article on the development of @YOMU that we sent out this week.

The first of its kind in Japan! The AI-OCR web scanner "@YOMU", specialized in logistics processing, was born out of the struggle with forms in the field operations [development secret story].

AI-OCR@YOMU for Efficient Logistics Back Office Operations
[Review of how it works]

Step 1: Scan the form to be registered or upload it as a PDF to @YOMU
Step 2: Confirming and Correcting the Imported Data in the Form Importation Screen
Step 3: Importing readings into Excel and other systems via CSV or API
Step4: Setting up RPA for downstream processes to provide flexibility/availability of operations

   The @YOMU Service Site
Scanner ⇒ AI-OCR ⇒ Import forms ⇒ CSV ⇒ Cooperation with other systems        
     Engine   check screen  API   *EXCEL, RPA, etc.

C_Net AI-OCR @YOMU does not incorporate a large scale system of RPA integration which tends to be a hurdle in terms of implementation coordination and timing, but instead has a simple configuration specializing in on-site form processing so that we can get the system up and running as soon as possible.

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AI-OCR reduces the man-hours required to enter huge amounts of slips at the beginning of the month and the end of the month, as well as the time it takes to complete them.
AI-OCR not only speeds up accounting processes, but also helps to create a worker-friendly workplace by standardizing tasks that used to be performed by a specific person in charge of inputting data, such as not being able to reduce overtime or take time off.

Please feel free to request an online demonstration.

◆Logistics issues? Make appo. right now! Online+On-demand consultation◆

C_Net has started accepting [Online + On-Demand Consultation] for those who are considering to improve business efficiency and standardization and establishing business continuity by constructing a logistics system.

In order to shorten the time required for adjustment of meeting schedule, we have also set up a route that allows you to reserve the desired date and time on the calendar.

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Editor's Note

I'm sure many of you were stunned by the television debates leading up to the US presidential election.

Coincidentally, we continue to talk about Bill Gates as we did last week, but we'd like to introduce you to another topic that makes us feel like a knobless obstructionist.

Fair Distribution of Vaccines, Deaths Halved Compared to Rich Country Buyouts:.
Bill Gates' foundation reports

Who should take the leadership in the intensifying difficulties surrounding humanity, such as the spread of unknown infectious diseases and disasters caused by extreme climate change?

I will keep an eye on the situation, trusting that the right answers will be found.

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